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RESHIN bring out 8MP consultation display center in advance

Source:本站 Date:2015-09-06 

RESHIN 8MP (4K*2K) large screen medical display conforms to DICOM standard, applied to radiation imaging center consultation, operating room, and various clinical departments consultation, digital operation teaching, training and remote medical treatment and so on.

product technical advantages:

1. screen split via one key, support four independent window work simulta neously,

and the 4 windows are all in line with the DICOM 3.14 standard and GAMMA calibration;

2. support double DP, double DVI signal ports;

3。 adopts high resolution which makes image details, visual depth and color accuracy better;

4. excellent image display quality, in line with DICOM 3.14 standards, more lasting image consistency, helping medical experts do human diagnostic;

5. Multi-functional humanized designing which makes operation easy and convenient, touch screen optional for you;

6。 optional digital whiteboard, to facilitate image annotation, recording。

application: image consultation, remote consultation, operation teaching system

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